Real money for bitcoin

Our client Martin came to us to CryptoCredex on August 10, 2017. After completing all the necessary identity verification requirements and signing a contract, Martin had $10000 on his bank account on the security of 5.85 bitcoins for one month. On August 10 the Bitcoin price was 3406 dollars. On September, 10 he gave us back the loan amount including interests, the sum totalled $10315. The bitcoin value against the dollar rose up to $4226 this month.

Another example. A year ago, a new client Monica approached us. She obtained a loan secured by her 10 bitcoins for two years. The loan amount was $3000. For the first year Monica’s loan expenses was $1000 (which was about 33% per annum), while the bitcoin cost growth exceeded 600% during that time!

Loan secured by bitcoin

Real money for bitcoin
Amount From 1000 up to 10,000 EUR
Term From 1 month to 1 year
Interest payment Daily
Repayment of principal From 0%
Early repayment of principal From 0%
Required documents ID and utility bill or bank statement with home address
Collateral Bitcoin
Issuing time Full amount — within 1 business day;
possibility to receive up to 10,000 EUR in six hours
Interest rate from 2.5% per month
Additional requirements We review applications regardless of the credit history, income or debts
Full conditions see in the client area.
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How to receive loan against a pledge

Register an account on the CryptoCredex home page
In the CryptoCredex web page via your computer, tablet or mobile
Prepare and send the required documents for the verification of borrower identity.
ID and utility bill or bank statement with home address
Сheck out our offer.
You will receive the loan offer within 24 hours.
Remit us your bitcoins.
Bitcoin remittance will mean that you agree with proposed loan conditions.
Obtain credit
Within 1 business day, after we receive your bitcoins we will remit you the money. We can perform remittance via a bank.
Voi la!

"This is incredible! I used loan system, but at the same time I earned well! During the loan period bitcoin price increased by 68 percent, while my loan rate did not exceed 36%"


"I was pleasantly surprised by the CryptoCredex quick service. It seems that people here really work!"


"I use the CryptoCredex services from time to time to cover unplanned expenses. At the same time, my loan portfolio continues to go up."


"Only positive reviews! Working consistently, quickly, and politely! No complaints — anything written in the contract was performed. Simple and reliable!"


"A wonderful site and excellent service! I have never such positive experience. I will be your loyal customer forever, because you may provide exactly what I need. Thank you!"